Youth Race


AU National Youth Race

22nd Annual




The objective of the National Youth Race is to promote greater involvement of AU Junior members in our hobby by allowing them the camaraderie and friendly competition of participation in a prestigious national youth event.



The National Youth Race will be from (LOCATION) and is scheduled to take place on (DATE). The AU National Youth Race will be handled by Jaydee Lindsay (435-760-3613)..


Additional details:



* The race is open to all current junior members of the American Racing Pigeon Union.

* By their entry into the race, junior members are asserting that any bird entered has been raised and cared for by themselves.

* There is no entry fee, however, entrants must be current AU members. Participants will be recognized in our quarterly publication, AU Update. The overall winner will receive a trophy and plaque. The winner is invited to attend the 2020 convention as our guest. All other participants will receive a certificate or plaque.

* Entry forms should be returned to the AU national office by no later than March 1, 2019, to insure perch space. One bird per participant.

* Youngsters should be shipped between February 15 and June 1, 2019. Please ship birds from Sunday to Thursday, so to be received between Monday and Friday.






We hope you will join us at the convention and watch the birds return on race day. Please call the AU at 405-848-5801 with any questions.


(We will keep you posted with monthly updates after training begins.)




Brad Hoggan

PO Box 174

Fielding, UT 84311


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